Friday, December 2, 2016

Fashion Friday {Tartan Leopard}

I'm so excited to have Fashion Friday back! I have to admit living in Hawaii left me with no motivation. Especially in the fall/winter when it's still hot. I missed the sweaters and the boots!
Now that we are mostly settled in our new home in Georgia I wanted to get back at it! 

When I saw this tartan plaid poncho I fell in love. I didn't buy it the first time I saw it. But you know it's love when you go back home and can't stop thinking about it. It reminded me of my recent trip to Scotland {blog post coming soon}. It even reminded me of my favorite show Outlander. I imagined all the different outfits I could make with it. How cozy and warm it would make me in the cold weather. How great it would be to snuggle up with it and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or my new favorite vanilla chai tea. Yes! I was having a love affair with this poncho and I hadn't even bought it yet. So I raced back to the mall and snatched it up. We've been living blissfully together ever since. 
So I will formally introduce you!
Everyone meet my cozy new tartan plaid poncho!

........also on a side note. I learned my lesson with the poncho and snatched up this purse when I was at Target. It was randomly just hanging where it didn't belong. I walked right up to it checked the price and ..."HALLELUJAH" it was drastically marked down on clearance. I got that bad boy for $10! It was meant to be!  What are you loving this season?

Happy Friday everyone!

Photo credit: Andrea Kinnear Photography + Design
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Tartan Plaid Poncho: Forever21 {SIMILAR}
Boots: Urbanog {SIMILAR}
Purse: Target
Dress: Forever21
Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Personal Post

Today is an important day for me. Today is the anniversary of my Thyroidectomy. 
Sometimes I forget that I'm a cancer survivor. Mainly because I didn't have an intense battle like most people have. I was lucky! Some people are not. I still dealt with the same fears as all people do when faced with this diagnosis. My ears went deaf when the Dr gave me the news. The world still went into a haze for me. I still entertained thoughts of leaving my husband and my 9-month old baby girl behind. That's not something a 22-year old young mom should have to think about. It was a scary month from diagnosis to surgery. Then the aftermath thinking I may not get my {singing} voice back. I felt like that was it. This was going to be my end. Nothing makes you really grow up fast then the things I dealt with in my early twenties. 

 I'm so thankful God brought me out of that as if it never happened. All that is left is the scar on my neck and bottle of pills in my drawer to remind me. It definitely changed my outlook on life. It changed everything about me. 
Cancer sucks! It's a horrible disease that has taken too many people. Everyone I know has been affected by cancer in some way. I've known too many who didn't survive. 
I hope that it doesn't take something like this to change your life for the better. You can change your life now. You never know when it's your last day here.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

One year.

Today marks one year since my dad suddenly passed away. 
I thought I would share this story for the anniversary.

I just recently went to Nashville with my friend to celebrate her upcoming birthday. 
One of the tours we went on was the RCA studio b tour. If you are a music lover this is an awesome tour. I grew up in a radio family so this was right up my alley. We heard some cool behind the scenes stories of Dolly Parton, The Everly brothers etc. I was getting a little emotional already because it was something my dad would've liked. I almost felt him beside me telling me interesting facts that the tour guide probably didn't even know. 

The tour guide took us back to the recording studio and started telling us stories of Elvis Presley. One interesting thing was how he liked the lighting while he recorded. He liked to feel the music. So while recording "Are you lonesome tonight" it was pitch black {picture above}. 

While the lights were still off he started to talk about his love of gospel music. Elvis loved to rehearse with gospel music. He was nominated for 18 Grammys but only won three Grammys all for his gospel records. The tour guide then proceeded to play us one of the records. I felt the moment before it happened. Something was coming.
"How great thou art" started blaring from the overhead speakers. I completely lost it at the point. In the dark with a bunch of strangers. 
Some of you may not know. How great thou art was my dads favorite gospel song. In the hospital when we had to shut the machines off that we're keeping him alive. We all gathered around his bed and sang that song one last time for him.

I couldn't believe out of all of the songs they played that one and right in time for the one year anniversary. It was an incredible and emotional moment during my trip that I will never forget. 

I love you daddy! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Home Tour Part 2

Since the movers are coming tomorrow to pack up our stuff for yet another move. I realized I never did the tour of the rest of the house. There are obviously still some pieces that are still on my to do list. Here is a little something to tide you over. Also in the meantime follow me on instagram @ashley.reed to follow us along on our journey to Georgia!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Conversations with a seven year old

Riley: I think I want to live alone 

Mommy: You never want to get married ? Why not ? 

Riley: Because it's boring 

Mommy: Boring ? Is that what it seems like it 

Riley: It's like sitting in a Dr's office for a long time 
It's just boring.

.....later that day

Riley: Why do you have to share a counter with daddy 

Mommy: Because we're married.
Is that why you don't want to get married because you have to share

Riley: Yeah 

Mommy: Do daddy's feet stink ?

Riley: {Smells feet} They smell like a vacuum cleaner with rotten eggs in it.

Mommy: Did your grandma call us or did you call her?

Riley: I don't know I'm not an expert in phones 

Daddy:Help me with this creed

::Reads the fiddlers green:: 
Mommy: This is a little depressing 

Daddy: Not for a soldier

Riley: I didn't understand one bit 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Family Pictures 2016

I know we just took family pictures last summer in Nashville but we had to do it again. I don't know if you know this but babies grow fast. They are like completely different people now. There's so much personality and sassiness. Not to mention the cuteness!
We found our lovely photographer on IG @sunnyjunebug and had a blast. 
Here are just a few of our favorites

All Photos by Sunny of